Places to See

Main Temple & Idol

Temple No. 57 on hill is the main temple. This is vast in size, very beautiful, having
Attractive artistic spire, in this temple principal deity are Lord Chandraprabhu, 11 feet in height and two other beautiful idols of Lord Sheetalnath&Parsvanath are installed. There is a column of dignity (Manstambh) near temple 43 feet in height and an attractive model of Samavsharan, big in size is also here.

Temple Kind of

Digambar (Whole area & temples)

Other Temple

Other more than 77 temples on hill, there are 26 temples in the village; most of them are old enough.
At Kund-Kund Nagar, on 25 feet high plate form, a colossus of Lord Bahubali in standing posture 18 feet in height has been installed, below it a hall is built to practice the meditation.

Attractive models of Sammedshikar, Girnar, Champapur and Pavapur are constructed here. These are the places of salvation (Nirvana Kshetra) of 24 Teerthankars, images are pleasing to eyes.

In all the Dharmashalas separate temples are built, details are as below: -

  • BhattarkaKothi Principal deityBhagwanShantinath
  • BeespanthiKothi (Temple of Mirrors) Principal deity BhagwanAnantnath
  • TerapanthiKothi Principal deityBhagwanParsvanath
  • TyagiVrati Ashram Principal deityBhagwanChandraprabhu
  • Kund-Kund Nagar Principal deity BhagwanBahubali
  • DelhiwaliDharmshala Principal deityBhagwanChandraprabhu

Natural Scenario

Pure natural environment, hilly are and scene of beautiful temples with high spires looks very attractive, pleasing to eyes & mind.

Annual Gatherings

Annual Festival (Mela) – From FalgunShukla 14 to Chaitra Krishna 5