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Shivpuri is laid out over gently sloping hills with abundant deciduous forests. A trip to Shivpuri will surely be very memorable not only because of its pleasant landscape but also because there are several Tourist Attractions in Shivpuri. The place derives its name from the Hindu God Shiva earlier it was known as 'Sipri'. It has a rich royal legacy. The history of Shivpuri dates back to the Mughals period. The dense forests of Shivpuri were the royal hunting grounds. Emperor Akbar is credited with capturing elephants from these forests. There is a wildlife sanctuary at Shivpuri. It is known as the Madhav National Park. Here you will get to see varied wild life and an amazing variety of fauna. The other Tourist Attractions in Shivpuri are:

Madhav Vilas Palace

This palace was previously the Summer Palace of the Scindhias. Presently it is the training centre of the Intelligence Bureau of the Government of India.

History of Madhav Vilas Palace

The Madhav Vilas Palace was the summer palace of the Scindhias of Gwalior. Presently it is the training centre of the Intelligence Bureau of the Government of India.


The Madhav Vilas Palace, Shivpuri looks extremely enticing because it has been painted in very soft hues of rose pink. The look of this palace is exceedingly captivating and makes a person feel relaxed in its soft ambience. The Madhav Vilas Palace is emblematic of colonial architectures. It has marble flooring and the columns are made of iron which gives it a distinct look from the others . The terraces are elegant and refined. It points to the refined taste of the Scindhias. The Madhav Vilas Palace is indeed reflective of effortless beauty in form and proportion. There is a Ganapati Mandap at the Madhav Vilas Palace in Shivpuri.

How to Reach Madhav Vilas Palace

Gwalior is the nearest airport. Shivpuri has its own railway station but Gwalior is better connected by rail to various parts of the countries. Buses are the most popular means of transportation and roads link Shivpuri to nearly all the major towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh like Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Jhansi etc.

George Castle

The George Castle is located within the Madhav National Park. A visit to the George Castle enables you to have a great view of the Sakhya Sagar Lake. The sight at dusk is simply breathtaking.The George Castle in Shivpuri is located within the mysterious depths of the forests of the Madhav National Park. If you have planned a trip to Shivpuri , make sure that you visit the George Castle. You are assured that you will not be disappointed. The splendid view of the lake that one gets from the George Castle is sure to remain etched in your memories all your life.

History of George Castle

The George Castle was built by Jiwaji Rao Scindhia. There is a very amazing story associated with the construction of the George Castle. In the year 1911, King George V came to India from England. On that trip he was supposed to pass through this area. Being interested in Tiger shooting he would halt for a night at this place. Jiwaji Rao ordered the construction of this castle so that he could reside here overnight. Unfortunately, the visitor shot a tiger on the way and there was no place for him to reside thus this castle was constructed to entertain him only.


The George Castle is indeed very grand. The best time to visit the George Castle is at dusk. From the turrets one gets excellent view of the Sakhya Sag